Post War

Love Among the Ruins

Still Caring for John C

A Conversation With an American Veteran

High Points at High Point University

Medic in Your Neighborhood

Quickly, Quickly, The Racket Revisited

Doug Anderson’s Overstuffed Foot Locker

Turning Points

Seven of Diamonds, Six of Hearts

Evoking the Unspeakable

Radio Free Devens

Day by Day

A Man, A Plan, Lao Bao

Our Man in Grenada

The Ground Crew

Another Night in Viet Nam

Tom Laaser: No One Can Win Here

Flight Path

Tanks for the Memories

Trapped in the Whirlwind

A Soldiers’ Home Companion

Owen Luck: A Witness to Wounded Knee, 1973

Equus Medicamentum

Jack Murphy Brings It Home

Sleepless in Iraq

Medic’s All Star Reading List

Best of Medic in the Green Time Video Interview

Doug Anderson’s Extraordinary Review of The Best of Medic in the Green Time

Medic Meets Marx Via UK Newspaper

John Huston’s banned film on war stress: Let There Be Light

Solid Copy from KIDE 91.3 FM

Mike Derrig and the Gang That Wouldn’t Shoot Straight

Mike Derrig: The Road from Cambodia to Portland, Maine

Lessons From the Iroquois

The Magnificent Storyteller: W.D Ehrhart Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam

Shake 'N Bake, Kit Karson Scout Diem Diem (aka Jim Dumb), RTO Mike Wilson, Kit Karson Scout Papa-san. Song Be 1970.

The Appeal of Charles Michael Wilson

A Discomforting Letter From A Comfortable Town

Medic on Netflix

The Real Deal

Medic in the Dream Time

Class of ’69

Only the Beginning

All My Vexes Are In Texas

How To Tell A Joke In Combat

The Lone Ranger in Vietnam

The Far Side of Lamont Steptoe

Vets Speak at UMass Boston, 18 Sept 2019

Willimantic, 10.11.2000

Take A Break From War With Jerry

Fake Vets Chasing Fame

Larry Roy on Point

Duty, Honor, Trumbo

The War in New York

The Long Silence of Bao Ninh

Whatever You Did in War Will Always Be With You

Medic Reads at Salem State University

Waiting Together, a play by Tom Laaser

Medic Exclusive! Secret DOD Memo ***GRAPHIC***

Breakfast With Champions

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnston

On Being Frank

Veteran’s Day: Just Tell The Story

WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan: Three Vets Talk About War

Talking Dirty to the Kids

Listen to This!

How Do You Read Me?

I Read You Loud and Clear!


The Dark Angry Secrets of Mike and Doc

Horses at Parangtritis, Java

Song Be to Settling Down

Second squad on LZ Ramada: Ken (KIA), Gamble, Bill, Hank, Buddha, Dorio. Phuc Vinh, Vietnam 1970


Klinik Am Zurichberg

The POWs

Left to right: Medic, Mr. Mau, Andy (Marines), Bao Ninh, Allen Farrell (5th Special Forces '70). Rear: Larry Heinemann. Boston, 1998

Strange Meeting

McNamara’s Folly: Project 100,000

A Swiss Direct Hit

War Dead Ahead

Being Jane Fonda

The Day The Music Died

Sitrep: Hometown Unwelcomes Vietnam Vets

Vietnam: The Secret Agent

On the Home Front

The Banner Years

Why Vets Write

Five Simple Words

After Reaching the House of Juan Pablo Lorenz

My Pal Wally

How I Nearly Won the War

Inconvenient Allies

In the Days After

In The Days After: Part II

Mt. Fuji in the distance.

In The Days After: Part III

In the Days After: Part IV

Devens Redux

The Sad Case of SSgt Hambleton

The Misfortunes of Mr. Fowler

How Swede It Is: The Death and Life of Per Ödman

The Curious Case of General Forrester

Saving Private Grundtisch

The Curious Case of Sergeant Doe

Johnny Doe: Case Closed…

Grenada: A Soldiers Story

Portrait of an NVA Vet

Portrait of an NVA Medic

The Death and Life of Dang Thuy Tram

Ted Engelmann’s Dang Thuy Tram Update

Interview with NVA Veteran and Author Bao Ninh

That Son of a Bitch

National Records and Administration Building. College Park, Maryland.


The Other MIA’s

Combat operations at Ia Drang Valley,Vietnam,November 1965. Bruce P. Crandall's UH-1 Huey dispatches infantry while under fire. Photo US Army

Jack Smith: Death in the Ia Drang Valley

Mud Love

1966 Special News Report: The Ia Drang Valley

War Jokes: No Laughing Matter

My Lai on the front page of The Plains Dealer.

Lt. Calley Apologizes for My Lai