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How Stevie Nearly Lost the War and Other Postwar Stories

“Rhythmic, visceral, laconic, powerful, Levy’s stories will haunt the reader long after reading them.” Nguyen Ba Chung, William Joiner Center “… Any family member, any therapist, who wants to know something of the pain that vets carry in their heads and hearts…should read this book.” Hamilton Gregory, author of MacNamara’s Folly “His quiet voice details […]


Dreams, Vietnam

“If ever you find yourself wondering about what Joyce meant when Stephen Dedalus said he was trying to wake from the “nightmare of history,” you can begin with this book.”               Fred Marchant, author of The Looking Glass “This book is a rare gift. Using a spare style that startles with its directness, Marc Levy transforms […]


Other Dreams

“You are about to read a rare and valuable gift to human understanding and to dream research. Other Dreams consists of several hundred dreams the author, an infantry medic in Vietnam, recorded from 2016 to 2017. Reading this book, may you be moved, troubled, informed, puzzled. May you benefit from reading the dreams of a […]