The Man in the Snow White Cell

NGUYEN TAI 2“In 1969 South Vietnamese forces arrested a man who turned out to be the most senior North Vietnamese officer ever captured during the Vietnam War. Nguyen Tai headed intelligence and terrorist operations in Saigon for more than five years, operations that had killed or wounded hundreds of South Vietnamese and Americans.

US and South Vietnamese intelligence and security officers interrogated Tai for more than two years, employing every interrogation technique in both countries’ arsenals, in an effort to obtain his secrets.

Frank Snepp, the CIA officer who conducted the final portion of the interrogation, devoted a chapter in his memoir Decent Interval to the interrogation of Tai, whom he called the “man in the snow white cell.” Snepp thought that the South Vietnamese had killed the prisoner just before Saigon fell in April 1975 to keep him from retaliating against those who had tormented him in South Vietnamese soldier interogating Viet Cong prisoner. 1967prison for so long.

Snepp was wrong. The prisoner survived and published a slim memoir of his years of imprisonment and interrogation. Face to Face with the American CIA is an extraordinary book that describes how he resisted years of unrelenting interrogation by some of the CIA’s most skilled, and South Vietnam’s most brutal, interrogators.”

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