Solid Copy from KIDE 91.3 FM

At KIDE 91.3 FM Cynthia Poten is the producer of Health Matters, a 5-minute weekly news report on health issues relevant to the Hoopa Tribe of California that has been on the air for 10 years. Other programs Cynthia has completed for KIDE include Poetry Basket, a monthly 30-minute reading of poems from around the world; Being Indian in America, a four-hour series; and selected readings from Medicine Trails by Mavis McCovey/John Salter and The Militarization of Indian Country by Winona LaDuke.

She founded the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and served as the Delaware Riverkeeper from 1988 to 1996. She has worked as a free-lance journalist, teacher, program coordinator, puppeteer and landscape gardener.

In 2007 Cynthia began work on “What They are Saying, Hearts and Minds of U.S. Veterans,” a one-hour documentary. She contacted Medic via the poet and writer Preston Hood, who spent 1970 in Vietnam with SEAL Team 2. One afternoon Cynthia interviewed me in my apartment in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

“What They Are Saying, Hearts and Minds of U.S. Veterans” was originally aired on Veterans Day 2008. Recently KIDE station manager Joe Orozco gave me permission to post the mp3 files on Medic in the Green Time.

top photo: Echo Recon RTO, 5th/46th Americal, 1970.

Cynthia Poten’s blog and an artistic video.