High Points at High Point University

In March 2023 Medic was invited by High Point University to speak about his 1970 tour in Vietnam and Cambodia. I spoke first to the 40 students of Dr. Joey Fink’s history class. That evening, I spoke to the public at High Points off campus museum.

For the student talk, after Dr. Fink’s excellent intro, I showed “Maryilyn’s Class,” a clip from The Real Deal, then narrated photos I had taken in Vietnam. This was followed by a Q&A. The students were more than engaged by the energetic use of imagery and story telling. For the museum talk, I showed another clip from The Real Deal, “Hecklers”, and followed up with photos and stories.

About fifty people showed up at the museum talk. During the Q&A three veterans described their military tours. Among them a Navy peace time officer, an MP who served at Long Bien, and a Vietnam combat medic, originally assigned to the rear, but sent to the infantry in Chu Chi.

“Can I ask you to talk about that experience?” I said.
“I will allow you to do that,” he replied. “I don’t often talk about Vietnam.”

And all were moved by what this quiet and unassuming man had to say.


The Real Deal