Other Dreams

“You are about to read a rare and valuable gift to human understanding and to dream research. This book consists of several hundred dreams the author recorded from 2016 to 2017.

Home from Vietnam, Levy kept a loaded twenty-five caliber automatic pistol under his pillow. Later, a meat cleaver, then a machete tucked beneath the mattress.

With this volume, he has laid bare the dream experiences of a Vietnam veteran who has endured PTSD for 48 years. In the process, he may be helping others who struggle with the psychological effects of trauma. Reading this book, may you be moved, troubled, informed, puzzled. May you benefit from the privilege of reading the dreams of a man who served his country with honor during the Vietnam War, and has paid a steep price for it ever since.”

G. William Domhoff, Ph.D Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Research Professor University of California, Santa Cruz Author, The Emergence of Dreaming