Medic Reads at Woodstock

In 1995, when Medic returned from travels in Southeast Asia he moved twelve times in two years before settling down in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, NY. It was during this time that Dayl Wise, Echo Recon 2/5 First Cavalry ’70 gave Medic a place to stay. Dayl eventually moved to the Bronx, got married,  bought a place in Woodstock, NY, and started the small independent Post Traumatic Press (a name Medic dreamed up). In 2007, as part of the Woodstock Poetry Festival, Post Traumatic Press held a reading of Vietnam veteran poets. Below is Medic’s part in that reading.

After completing the poem, Medic walked out of the room, found a quiet place, and wept.

Dayl Wise

Post Traumatic Press