Buffgrunt: memoirs of a tree vet

Buffgrunt walks among the baby boomers and steps into the Vietnam War with curiosity and expectation. The war upsets and traumatizes this generation who react to the cold war rhetoric and fear of nuclear disaster. The boomers watched as a president was assassinated on Television and our first step was a giant leap for all mankind as we landed on the moon. Buffgrunt is little more than a personal attempt to understand the journey. Buffgrunt contains new information and shocking revelations about combat in Southeast Asia and the emotional battles that will plaque a generation of boomers. Honest, to the point and insightful, Buffgrunt sprinkles traumatic events with a coating of humor from a grunts point of view.

Medic’s friend Tommy was an RTO with C 2/4 LIB, saw much heavy combat and is more than acquainted with My Lai. His website is http://www.buffgrunt.com/.