John Dillinger

John Herbert Dillinger (1903–1934) was an American bank robber. During the Depression,Dillinger and his gang robbed two dozen banks and four police stations. In 1933–34 Dillinger stood out even among such violent criminals as Baby Face Nelson,Pretty Boy Floyd,and Bonnie and Clyde. When the Roosevelt administration demanded federal action,J.Edgar Hoover used Dillinger and his gang as his campaign platform to launch the FBI.

The young Dillinger enlisted in the Navy in 1923. As a Fireman 3rd Class on the USS Utah,he shoveled coal into the ship’s huge boilers. After three weeks he went AWOL. Upon his return Dillinger was fined and spent ten days in the brig on bread and water.

Medic has obtained the military records of John Dillinger. Unfortunately,Dillinger’s personnel records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center in Saint Louis. The reconstructed records furnished by NARA are: Auxiliary Material; Reference Material; Original Container.

Medic has obtained the FBI files for John Dillinger: File 1; File 2; File 3; File 4; File 5; File 6.

After serving his sentence,Dillinger deserted when the ship docked in Boston. The Navy,noting that he “left with no effects — intentions not known,” waited two weeks,then listed him as a deserter. In 1925, while incarcerated at the Indiana State Reformatory Dillinger was given an Undesirable Discharge. Over the next ten years Dillinger rose to become the FBI’s Public Enemy Number One.

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