Dear Fellow Veteran

Medic recently came across the items below. They provide a glimpse into the life of WWII veteran Paul E Bath from Dorchester, Massachusetts.

This certificate of appreciate is signed (not a real signature) by President Harry Truman.

 This form letter is from Gen. Omar Bradley. A famous senior Army field commander (D Day), at one point during WWII Bradley commanded 1.3 million men.  After the war he headed the Veterans Administration and later became Chief of Staff of the Army.

The DD 214 document, issued at the time of discharge from the service, summarizes the veterans time in the military.

Sergeant Bath was posted in the Solomon Islands and the Phillipines, where he may have aquired 'jungle rot,' a fungal infection. In this particular letter the VA is responding to his compensation claim made after discharge from the service.

The future Mr and Mrs. Paul E. Bath

Time and place